If you found a city that was small enough to retain all of its quaint small-town charm, yet big enough to have all the amenities you want, you should definitely be looking at Stouffville houses for sale.

But how does Stouffville manage to keep the charm and be an in-demand urban community? Maybe it’s that smalltown care and concern, but we don’t know of many communities that offer its residents more than Stouffville.

The Amenities of Life in Stouffville

Stouffville’s 35,000 inhabitants enjoy a surprisingly long list of amenities, including:

  • A GO train station that will take you straight downtown
  • 10 public and private educational institutions
  • 13 parks, parkettes and conservation areas
  • 9 Cultural and recreational centres including arenas, galleries, libraries and the Lebovic Centre for Arts & Entertainment
  • Shopping of every kind from big-box supercentres to quaint shops along Main Street, and, of course, the famous and historic Stouffville Country Market
  • A local police station, fire house and medical centre

A gorgeous example of Stouffville houses for sale on the Tar Team website. Browse stunning listings like this one and more on our website. Looking for Stouffville houses for sale? Check out stunning listings like this one and many more on the Stephen Tar Team website.

What do all of these amenities mean for people hoping to buy a house in Stouffville? It means that whatever you look for in a community, you can find it in Stouffville.

Here are just a few examples. Dog owners and their pets will enjoy the Stouffville Off-Leash Park. If you have an artistic inclination, you can learn to paint. Skateboarders love the new Skate Park. You can also enjoy outdoor skating all winter on volunteer-maintained rinks. That’s just a small sampling.

The combination of urban and country living is Stouffville means it attracts home buyers of all ages and backgrounds. From young families looking for a safe place to raise a family, to baby boomers looking to get out of the hectic big city, Stouffville houses for sale are in demand in more ways than one.


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