Why Choose Uxbridge?

Uxbridge is located in south-central Ontario in the regional municipality of Durham, located in the Greater Toronto Area. Neighbouring off of Markham and a 40-minute commute from Toronto, there is no wonder why Uxbridge is one of the largest upcoming cities for young professionals and families alike. That’s just one reason to search for houses for sale in Uxbridge. 

When investing in a home, there are many factors that you have to address and consider. Sure, you need to think about the house, but you also invest in the growing community around the home. Buying a house in Uxbridge is not only a good place to live, but a great place to potentially grow a family. 

Attractions and Cuisine in Uxbridge

Aside from being a desirable place to live, Uxbridge is known for its amazing attractions. Named “Trail Capital of Canada” in 2009 by Industry Canada, Uxbridge is notoriously known for its trails that result in over 220 kilometres of managed trails on more than 8,000 acres. Some of the trails will even lead you through historic sites throughout the city which will make your fall more in love with the location every time you venture out on a hike.

Other attractions include the Uxbridge-Scott Museum which has a variety of different artifacts all correlated with the township’s agricultural heritage. This also includes nine heritage buildings as well as heritable herb and flower gardens. There is always something fun and exciting to do in Uxbridge.

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Wherever you go in Uxbridge, there’s a little bit of history hidden behind every corner. From the York-Durham Railway Track to Elgin Park, Uxbridge represents more than just a town, it’s a close-knit community that prides itself on inclusivity and history. 

Uxbridge is filled with diversity and culinary treasures. From fine dining to pubs, to coffee shops and bakeries, Uxbridge has everything you need. Delight your taste buds while you discover foods from around the world, all in the convenience of your neighbourhood.

Types of Homes

Uxbridge is one of the most sought after suburbs in the GTA as people are slowly relocating from Toronto for a better place to raise their families. With the constant flow of residents, the style of houses is evolving which can be seen in the classic homes of Victorian-style houses to more modern Neo-eclectic architecture. 

Things You Should See

If you love exploring the outdoors, Uxbridge real estate provides a lot of options to enjoy. Check out the Durham Regional Forest and Apples of Glasglow, a family-owned apple picking farm perfect for the entire family.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Uxbridge is an area of the GTA that is becoming increasingly popular with its friendly neighbourhood and beautiful scenery. Looking for a nice way to spend a Saturday? You have plenty of well-known options, like Sweetwater stables, Brooks farms, and the classic-styled Roxy Theatre. If you get hungry, check out The Bar Café and for dessert, Annina’s Bakeshop.

Why You’ll Love it

Uxbridge is located just a short 45-minute drive away from Toronto. In those 45 minutes, you are transported to a community that is surrounded by natural beauty and rich history. As the trail capital of Canada, bursting with outdoor adventures for young families to explore and enjoy, Uxbridge is a place to re-connect and settle down.


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