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5 Benefits Of Living In The Suburbs

Although living in a city can be appealing to some, living in the suburbs can be just as appealing. It offers the benefits of living both in a city and in a rural community. It is not as busy, it’s affordable, and you get a better sense of community.

Let’s go over 5 benefits of living in the suburbs.

More Affordable

As mentioned, the suburbs are affordable. In comparison to living in a city, you get a bigger home for a lot less expense. You even get homes with more yard space. Having yard space is a big factor in suburb real estate since city living usually means little or no yard space.

More Nature

If you enjoy trail walks, hikes, or simply nature itself, then the suburbs are the right option for you. There is plenty of nature in the suburbs along with trails for walking and biking. Although there might be some trails in cities, they are not common due to higher density of buildings and people. Trails tend to be close to suburban communities, so you don’t have to commute a long way to use them.

Healthy For Children

Suburban communities have plenty of schools for children, along with daycare facilities. There are parks, sports teams, and extra-curricular activities that children can participate in. In many suburban communities, there will also be many other kids around. This gives your children the opportunity to have friends within the neighbourhood and develop social connections from a young age.

Easy Access To Amenities

Whether you need groceries, a pharmacy, or a mall, suburbs have them. And all of them are close to home. You may even be able to walk to some. This easy access to amenities is a selling factor since you don’t want to have to commute for 30-45 minutes to your local grocery store.

Slower Pace

The suburbs are calm. There is not the constant flow of people that you get in a city. You won’t have to worry about bumping into people on a sidewalk or sitting in hours of rush hour traffic.

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