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5 Reasons To Live in Newmarket, Ontario

Newmarket, Ontario, is a city in the northern part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Neighbours with Aurora, Mount Albert, and King City, Newmarket has become an urbanized city with many wonderful attractions. Its development has made it a very desirable place to buy a home.

Here are 5 reasons to live in Newmarket, Ontario.

Healthcare Facilities

Southlake Regional Health Centre is one of the most renowned hospitals in the province. It has has a high standard of care, with state of the art facilities. It is accessible by all Newmarket residents, along with many affiliated clinics in surrounding areas.


While certain cities in the GTA have rising real estate prices, Newmarket falls on the lower end of the spectrum. Since it is still considered a part of the GTA, it is a great place to buy a home if you want to get more bang for your buck.

Public Transit Networks

Whether you need to use transit lines to get around Newmarket or to other cities, there are various options for you. The town is served , by regional GO trains and buses, as well as more local York Regional Transit and Viva bus services.


From parks to malls to restaurants, there are countless attractions in Newmarket. There are over 6000 recreational programs and over 300 special events that the city hosts. Whether you need an activity for yourself, your family, or just for your children, there are countless options that can appeal to you.

Combination of Country & City

Since Newmarket is a newly developed city, it retains some aspects of country living. There are beautiful landscapes, trails, and forests that give you the feeling that you are not in a city. However, the developed areas of Newmarket offer all of the conveniences of city life.

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