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What Should You Look For On The Exterior Of A House You’re Buying

If you are looking to buy a new home, then you might already have a checklist of what you are looking for. You may want a completely renovated kitchen, or hardwood flooring, or a nice spacious living room. But, do you know what you should look at on the exterior of your potential new home?

Keep reading to find out what to keep an eye out for.


Ask the previous home owners or your realtor what type of foundation the house has. Some foundations, like block, are weaker and more susceptible to leaks. You can also check for any cracks that may result in leaks or the damage to the home’s structure. It is wise to check behind bushes or long grass along the home to check for any hidden flaws.


When you first arrive to the home, take a look at the roof from afar and up close. If you notice any cracked or missing shingles, then that is an indication of a poorly maintained or damaged roof. Without looking for this, you may be left having to replace or repair your new home’s roof.


Chances are you will look at the windows from the interior. However, it is important to check them from the exterior as well. If you notice any rotting wood, seals or cracks, then there may be damage that have gone undetected or ignored.

Patio & Walkways

If you enjoy your time outside, you may be looking for a home with a patio. Take a look at the patio and ask questions like, when was it built? What materials were used? Have there been any issues with it? This way, you are immediately made aware of its condition. You should also inspect the walkways. Check for any loose stones or uneven gravel. Although you may change the walkways around the home, it is important to make sure you aren’t responsible for any repairs.

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