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What To Know When Moving Into A Condo

Moving into a condo is usually an attractive prospect. If you’re downsizing, you can be really looking forward to shedding all the responsibilities of owning and maintaining a larger home. On the other hand, condos also make it easier for first-timers to move into their very first home.

Still, as attractive as condo living is, there are a few things you should be ready for before you move in.

3 Things to Know When Moving Into a Condo

The better prepared you are for condo life, the more you will enjoy it.

1. Make the Most of the Space You Have

Yes, you can get condos that have the same square footage as many homes. However, remember this: a 2,500 sq. ft. home has a basement. But a 2,500 sq.ft. condo doesn’t! In almost every case, moving to a condo means making do with less space. Often, it is significantly less space. Even for first-time homebuyers, if you have lived in a single family dwelling or semi-detached all your life, get ready for some space saving tactics.

2. Security Has It’s Advantages – and Some Disadvantages

Many condos have full-time, in-person security protection. It’s very comforting and can even help out with thing like receiving packages when you’re not home. But be ready for things like needing to go to the lobby to get your Uber Eats order because security might not let them into the building. Also, very often, guests will have to check into security before visiting your condo.

3. Get to Know Your Condo Association

While you may own your condo, many of the decisions that you would make about your house are made by your Condo Association. It is made up of tenants just like you and you may want to take an active part. In any case, be sure to read through your Association’s documentation to familiarize yourself with many of the rules and regulations you will need to follow, your responsibilities and the services you can expect.

Condo life is very rewarding and can be enjoyed by everyone. But it helps if you prepare yourself for the changes you might not expect.

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