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4 Things Resale Home Buyers Aren’t Ready for When They Move In

Even if you’re just thinking about selling your home in 2018, you’re probably starting to panic already. Especially if you haven’t moved in a while, the thought of getting your house into shape, finding the best realtors (hint: The Tar Team!!!), hiring lawyers, arranging home inspections, holding open houses, and so on, and so on; can be more than a little daunting.

We don’t want to add to that long list of things to do, but if you’re selling in 2018, you’ll need somewhere to live, which means you’ll be buying a home too.

Oh boy! Now you also have to choose a community, find the right home, put together a down payment, make mortgage arrangements, and so on.

In the over three decades that we’ve been helping people buy and sell homes in Markham, Unionville, and across the GTA, of all the things that they aren’t ready for throughout the buying/selling process, one of the very last things they do seems to be the one they are least prepared for.

Moving In

After going through the long list of to-dos needed in any move, house buyers look forward to starting their lives in their new homes. It’s a great feeling to have all the concerns, uncertainty and stress out of the way and to just focus on settling in.

But even in the most ‘move-in ready’ homes, there are lots of things you need to do after you close the purchase of the house; and they are usually best done before you move in.

By taking care of some or all of the following tasks, you really will be able to simply settle in after you finish your move.

1. Change Your Entrance Door Locks

The house you’re moving into has just recently been on the real estate market. That means any number of people, including realtors, renovators and the previous homeowners, might have keys to your new home. It’s crucial that you change the locks on the entry doors to your home as soon as possible after you assume ownership of the home. Choosing a locksmith is a smart idea considering the importance of the locks and the fact that they can suggest alternatives, including rekeying the existing locks, that may save you some money.

2. Thoroughly Clean the House

This is going to be your family’s new home. Even if it looked spotless when you viewed it, who knows what lurks in the nooks and crannies. Before move-in is the best time for a complete cleaning of the home because you won’t have to work around your furniture and belongings. Again, this task is so important, it can be very worthwhile to hire a professional housecleaner to do the job.

3. Get all Your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Inspected and Serviced

The last thing you need after all the costs of moving is to face an emergency repair to your HVAC equipment. To find a reliable repair service, talk to your new neighbours (it’s a great excuse to meet them too!), ask your realtor or check the equipment for the name of the company that installed and/or maintained the equipment previously.

4. Painting, Repairs & Renovations

Most buyers are full of ideas for improvements to their new home. But when they wait until after they move in, those home improvements can be more difficult and more disruptive to their lives. If there is anything you can do before you move in, from patching and painting the walls, to larger renovations, make arrangements to get it done. You’ll be very happy you did.

If you need help selling your existing house, buying a new home, and/or making sure the move-in runs smoothly, call us here at The Tar Team.