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How Staging Your Home helps it Sell Faster and for More Money – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series, we discovered that even a professionally-decorated ‘model’ home might not show well to buyers without being staged. That’s because the ultimate goal of staging is to present your home to prospective buyers. In a way that lets them see themselves in the home, versus seeing your version of the house.

Here in Part 2, we’ll look at another big benefit of staging and start to find out how a home stager stages your home.

The second huge benefit of staging your home is how quickly your home sells. Again, there are varying estimates as to the exact effect staging has on the time your home spends on the market. According to, staged homes sell 88% faster than unstaged homes. Oher estimates put it at a more modest 45% faster.

To give you a clearer idea of what that might mean for a home in York Region. The average DOM (Days On Market) for homes of all types across the Region in January 2018 was 38 days (including 37 DOM in Markham, 33 DOM in Richmond Hill and 50 DOM in Whitchurch-Stouffville).

Using the lower estimate for how much faster a house will sell if it is staged. That means your York Region home might sell 17 days faster. Again, considering that many of the homes sold in York Region were staged. The reduction in DOM will actually be higher.

It’s important to underscore just what that means to the home seller. Very often, if a home remains on the market for 21 days or more. A reduction in the asking price is used to help attract offers. In the case of the average DOM in York Region. If staging reduces it by 17 days, that means the home will likely sell before a reduction in asking is even considered. And, interestingly, the faster you sell your home. The less you might pay to stage it.

How A Home Stager Stages Your Home

While staging is usually thought of as an interior project, it actually starts on the street.

1. Create Curb Appeal

It might be difficult to make your home look its best in the middle of a freezing winter here in Markham. But studies show that potential buyers can make a decision about whether they like your home within seconds of seeing from the street.

Keeping the exterior of your home, including your lawn and garden. Looking its best is crucial. Put away things like garden tools, children’s toys, and recycling bins. The entrance way to your home is key. So particular attention is paid to your doorway, including touches like adding potted plants by the door.

2. Improve the Front Foyer

Buyers actually have two ‘first’ impressions of your home. After seeing it from the street. The next crucial point for staging is when buyers first see the interior of the home from the front foyer. While having your coats on a hook near the door. A shoe rack on the floor for easily grabbing your boots and a bowl on a side table where you keep your keys. Makes perfect sense for you and doesn’t look particularly bad. It can look cluttered and untidy to buyers, creating a sense of confusion from the moment they step into your home.

A stager will make sure your foyer is free of any distractions. A vase of flowers on the table is not only beautiful to you, but also to everyone who walks in the front door.

In the third and final part of this blog series. We’ll tell you about five other ways that professional stagers help make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. Until then, if you have any questions about selling your home in Markham, Unionville, Richmond Hill or anywhere in York Region, please give The Tar Team a call.