Reasons to love Main Street Unionville from Stephen Tar Team

Why We Love Main Street Unionville

Is it possible that Main Street Unionville has everything that anyone looking for Markham houses for sale could want in a historic, small-town main street area?

We think so and we’d like to offer the following reasons in support of our position.

Reasons to Love Main Street Unionville

First settled 225 years ago, there’s no disputing that Unionville is a historic village home to some of the most attractive historic buildings and sites in the Greater Toronto Area. As good a reason as that is to love any historic street, we know you’ll need more to really fall in love with Main Street Unionville.

  1. Eclectic Restaurants and Gathering Spots – One of the biggest attractions of Main Street is that different people love it for different reasons. But take any stroll down the section of Old Kennedy Road that is Main Street and you’ll pass more than your fair share of diverse restaurants, including ethnic specialists, modern classics and even an Uncle Tetsu’s for dessert. And you’ll be tempted to try one of the quaint bars and restaurants, like the Unionville Arms and Jake’s on Main.
  2. Shop, Shop, Shop – From the latest fashions in chic boutiques like Tucci Armadio, to unique ways to redecorate your new home at Queen’s Home Interiors & Decor, you’ll find it on Main Street.
  3. The Unionville Festival – No discussion of the attraction of Main Street would be complete without including the Unionville Festival. Now in its 50th year, the Festival is a weekend-long celebration of life in Unionville with a parade, family activities, food, music, and fun.
  4. Culture – Whether you catch one of the weekly musical concerts in Millennium Square during the summer or peruse the works of art at the Varley Art Gallery, they’re all right on Main Street.
  5. Recreation – This may be the one that people think of last when thinking of Main Street, but it has more of it than most main streets. You can curl, skate, and play baseball or soccer at Crosby Park, or go for a nature walk through Mildred Temple Park, both of which are connected directly to Main Street.

Now you know why we love Main Street Unionville!

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