Wondering What to Do in Markham? Take a look at this list from Stephen Tar Team

Wondering What to Do in Markham?

If you’ve ever looked for things to do in Markham, keep reading and get ready to be overwhelmed. Considering it isn’t downtown Toronto, the sheer number of activities and attractions, and the variety of possible activities is amazing here in Markham.

Here’s Your Activity List

Fortunately, we live in one of the most desirable communities in the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, one way to enjoy a day here is to spend it looking for houses for sale in Markham! Part of the reason for that desirability is the sheer amount of things you can do in and around town.

  1. Enjoy the History – Do you like to travel back in time? A visit to Markham Village, Main Street Unionville, or even the Markham Go Station (built in 1871) are great ways to enjoy the historic charm of the area.
  2. Play Golf – We’re not sure if there are statistics about these sorts of things. But with nine golf courses, the community has more options for getting into the swing than most places.
  3. Take In the Theatre – The town is blessed with theatres too. Including Markham Little Theatre, Unionville Theatre Company, and FLATO Markham Theatre. You can enjoy the live entertainment experience with popular music acts, dramatic plays, and comedy. The Markham Youth Theatre caters to the younger theatre-going crowd.
  4. Culinary Choices – As the most culturally diverse community in Canada, visitors and residents alike can enjoy tasty dishes from around the world.
  5. Take a Hike! – Beginning with the 123-acre Milne Dam Conservation Park, you’ll never reach the end of the hiking trail. In addition to formal parks, there are a number of options for hiking. Including the many ravines and valleys in the area.

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