Primer on Uxbridge Trails

Your Primer on Uxbridge Trails

Everyone who lives in Uxbridge knows it. But, if you’re thinking of buying a house in Uxbridge, you may not know that the town is officially designated (by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office) as the Trail Capital of Canada.


For anyone thinking of making Uxbridge home, those who are getting ready to move in, and if you’re a resident who wants to learn more, we’ve put together the following points to acquaint you with the trails running through and around Uxbridge.

4 Things to Know About Uxbridge Trails

  1. How Uxbridge Officially Became the Trail Capital of Canada

    In November 2008, after a two-year application process, the town was granted the “Trail Capital of Canada” designation certification. In a news release at the time, it was noted that another town on Canada’s west coast was also trying to claim the title, but Uxbridge got won the official designation.

  2. There Are Nine Trails In and Around Uxbridge

    There is also at least one more in the planning stages! Many of the trails link to Countryside Trails that run between small, neighbouring communities. The Countryside Trails also connect with two major trails that go through the township, the Trans Canada Trail and the Oak Ridges Trail.

    Other nearby trail options include the extensive network that runs through public lands managed by Durham Region and two Conservation Authorities.

  3. Trails for All Ages, Abilities and Interests

    Whether you’re looking for a scenic walk or a serious hike, whether you face mobility challenges or like mountain biking, whether you’re on horseback or on a snowmobile, there are trails waiting for you in Uxbridge.

    You can expect to trek through a wide range of scenery, including meadowlands, wetlands, dense woods and even some historic streets.

  4. Where Are the Trails?

    The best place to learn more about all of Uxbridge’s hiking trails is on the Township of Uxbridge’s Trail Map webpage.  


The unique trail network is just one reason that Uxbridge is such a desirable place to buy a home. The Tar Team has decades of experience in finding the right Uxbridge homes for sale, contact us today to find yours!

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