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How to Get Ready for the Transition to Condominium Lifestyle in Markham

Think of any type of residential real estate and you can probably find it here in Markham. Including century homes near Main Street, Unionville, farm houses in the north and east, mid-century modern architecture between Hwy. 48 and McCowan and urban townhomes along Bur Oak, Markham has as wide an assortment of residential real estate styles as anywhere in the GTA.

The type of housing you choose can depend on lots of different factors. Maybe it’s the sort of home you lived in as a child, or your budget, or the neighbourhood you prefer.

But there’s one type of housing that seems to appeal mainly to people in certain age groups. What do urban professionals, young couples and retiring seniors have in common? They can all find condominium living quite appealing.

For younger adults, condos can offer a less expensive way to get into the real estate market. For baby boomers and retirees, a condominium can represent an easier lifestyle without the headaches of maintaining a house. How does no more lawn mowing or snow shoveling sound?!

The good news for potential condo buyers who love living in Markham is that the options for condo living have greatly expanded in recent years. Particularly along the Hwy. 7 corridor, there are many more buildings to choose from and locations that put you within short walking and/or driving distances to shopping, restaurants, entertainment and highways.

Regardless of whether it’s your first real estate investment or you are downsizing, making the switch to living in a condominium apartment will likely mean making an adjustment to your previous lifestyle. Younger or older, chances are you haven’t lived in a condo before.

Of course, before you make the switch, you’ll need to learn more about some of the particulars of buying a condo. Once your offer is accepted, it’ll speed up your transition if you learn more about what to expect from condo life. Here are our tips to help you make the transition to condominium living easier:

1. You’re now a Member of the Condominium Corporation

Owning a condominium unit is not entirely without the responsibilities of owning any other type of real estate. In addition to the upkeep of your unit, you’re also part owner of the entire building. Condo owners elect a board of directors who make decisions about management and maintenance of the building. It’s a good idea to learn more about your condo board and participate in the condo association to protect your investment.

2. You’re Living in a Closely-Knit Community

Especially if you moved from a detached home, it can take some getting used to the fact that there are people living immediately above, below and beside you. From hearing noises to sharing the elevator, be prepared for living more closely to your neighbours.

3. You’ll Love the Amenities

In addition to not having many of the day-to-day responsibilities of home ownership, you’ll soon learn to love being able to relax in the rooftop garden, go for a swim or rent a party room right in your building. Many condo buyers choose a building for its amenities as much as anything else.

4. You’ll Get Used to Less Clutter

If you’ve been living in a house, you’ll probably need to get rid of many of the things you’ve accumulated over the years before moving to a condo. Younger buyers may have the option to leave some of their belongings with family. In any case, condo owners enjoy a less cluttered lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about buying and living in a condos in Markham, get in touch with us here at The Stephen Tar Team. We’ll help you find, invest and move into a condo that’s just right for you.