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How To Stage Your Home For Selling

Home staging is everything you do to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. Staging your home properly can not only attract more bidders and higher offers, but it can help close the sale faster too. When you combine that with the popularity of Markham real estate, there are many bottom-line boosting reasons for you to learn more about how to stage your home for selling, especially if you’re scheduling an open house.

5 Tips for Staging Your Home

This list will give you an idea of the sorts of things to consider when you stage the home. If you haven’t staged a home before, or want to make sure you do everything right, ask your real estate agent for advice on finding a professional home stager.

  1. Make A Good First Impression – Many people equate staging with interior improvements, but it really starts with the moment buyers first see the house from the street. Known as ‘curb appeal’, it means keeping the outside of the house clean, and your landscape well-groomed. The appearance of the front door is important and it should look it’s best. Don’t be afraid to add planters and/or a welcome wreath to the door.
  2. Paint the Walls – This is widely understood as the staging tip that delivers the most bang for your buck. Even if you hire a professional painter, it’s not an overly expensive job and you’ll be amazed at the difference. Remember to choose neutral colors so potential buyers can better imagine themselves living there.
  3. It’s True What They Say About Kitchens & Bathrooms – They are important to buyers. It’s really not an earth-shattering revelation. An unfurnished living room, dining room or bedroom can look similar from one house to the next. But the same can’t be said for bathrooms and kitchens. If nothing else, make sure they are spotlessly clean, and clean smelling.
  4. Declutter Everywhere – It’s not enough to just tidy a room. If your rooms have too much furniture or too many pictures on the wall, remove as much as you can to make the rooms feel larger and more inviting. Buyers also like storage space and they’ll be looking into cupboards and closets, so make sure they are clutter-free too.
  5. Little Touches – If you follow some of the tips above, you might end up with a relatively plain looking décor. Something like fresh flowers in a vase on the coffee table can change all that.

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