Markham museum

Step Into the Past at the Markham Museum

The Marham Museum is ideally situated to reflect its role in preserving historic buildings and artifacts from Markham’s past, especially those relating to the transformation of the original rural village into a major urban centre. The museum is located on Highway 48, just north of 16th Avenue, not far from the historic village on Main Street Markham on one side and modern subdivisions on the other.

For Markham residents and anyone looking for Markham houses for sale, discovering everything the Markham Museum has to offer gives you a greater appreciation of why Markham is such a great place to live

Things to Do at The Markham Museum

Unlike typical museums, Markham Museum is a unique blend of an open-air museum, with over 25 historic buildings to explore across 25 acres, and innovative programs for people of all ages. 

  • The Museum Buildings – One of the advantages of an open-air museum is that it’s fun just to check out the different heritage buildings and the exhibits in each one. Among other buildings that have been moved to the museum site from their original locations, you can do your own exploring or take guided tours of:
    • The Ninth Line Baptist Church built in 1848
    • The Locust Hill Train Station from 1936
    • The Blacksmith Shop (1862)
    • The Hoover House – a family home built in 1824
  • Exhibitions – There’s always a variety of permanent and temporary exhibitions for you to enjoy year-round at the museum. Current exhibitions include Markham Moves, which takes a look at transportation throughout Markham’s history, and the permanent “What is Markham” exhibition examining the ways of life in the community over the past 100 years.

  • Programs – For those who like to get more interactive, there is a wide range of fun, educational and hands-on programs available for school children of all ages, families, adults and groups. 


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