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4 Great Answers for “What To Do In Pickering?”

If you’re wondering about what to do in Pickering, Ontario, you can stop right now. Set on the shores of Lake Ontario, just east of Toronto, Pickering offers an enviable mix cultural centres, natural attractions, shopping and entertainment to eliminate the boredom factor for residents and visitors alike. It also makes Pickering houses for sale a tempting option for anyone in the market for a home in a very desirable community.

4 (And More) Things To Do in Pickering

Pickering’s ideal location between Canada’s largest metropolis, rural settings and easy access to nature let you choose from a wide range of activities for whatever mood you’re in.

  1. Visit the Nautical Village – If there’s one place that brings together elements of just about everything Pickering has to offer, it’s the Nautical Village. You can take a walk along the Waterfront Trail on the shores of the lake, attend an evening concert at Millenium Square, enjoy a meal at a quaint waterside restaurant, jump into the splash pad, go for a sail in Frenchman’s Bay, get up a game of beach volleyball, and, well, try some of those activities and come back for more! 
  2. Go for a Bike Ride – This one might sound like something you can do anywhere, but few communities in the Greater Toronto Area offer more on-road and off-road bike trails, in a wider variety of settings, than Pickering. Whether you’re looking for a safe nature trail for the entire family, or you want to make cycling a part of your regular commute by connecting to the GO Train and other public transit, Pickering is a great place to add cycling to an active lifestyle. 
  3. Shop at Pickering Markets – You’ve never had a shopping experience like the one you’ll enjoy at Pickering Markets. You’ll find an eclectic mix of over 500 local retail enterprises in a diverse, energy-filled multicultural environment. 
  4. Get Fit or Learn a New Craft – The Pickering Recreation Complex, centrally located near Highway 401 and the Pickering Town Centre, features programs and activities for your physical health, like swimming, skating and racquet sports; mental wellness, including meditation and yoga; and craft classes, including art classes and pottery classes.  

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