Stephen Tar Team goes through 6 tips on how to pack clothes for moving

How To Pack Clothes For Moving

Every moving day comes with its own surprises. But we bet none will be more jaw-droppingly astonishing than when you realize just how many clothes you have. That means it’s probably more important than you think to learn how to pack clothes for moving.

Clothes can be heavy and bulky. Learning packing tips and tricks will help you save space in the moving truck, speed up your move and protect your entire wardrobe.

6 Tips to Pack Clothes for Moving

Just like with almost everything else to do with your move, the sooner you start packing and preparing to move your clothes, the better.

  1. Ruthlessly Get Rid of as Many Clothes as You Dare – The best clothes packing tip we can give is to pack as few clothes as possible. Donate old clothes, ask your friends and family if they want anything, and sell anything that is current, trendy or vintage
  2. Sort Your Clothes – How you sort them can be entirely up to you. But think about sorting them by location in the home, his and hers, seasonally or by similar pieces – all shirts together, all pants, etc.. You’ll probably go with some combination of these.
  3. Fold Clothes Before Packing – Regardless of how you pack your clothes, folding them will save space and reduce wrinkling and wear and tear during the move.
  4. Vacuum Seal Clothes in a Plastic Bag – You can do this yourself with a vacuum cleaner and some garbage bags. As we said, clothes are notoriously bulky and cumbersome. Vacuum-sealed bags are easier to handle and far more compact than handling the clothes they contain.
  5. Use Garment Bags – Protect your dress clothes, including suits and gowns, individually or together in garment bags.
  6. Pack Cardboard Boxes – Another way of avoiding the cumbersome nature of clothes is to pack them in cardboard boxes. You can even put a number of vacuum-sealed bags into a box. Wardrobe boxes are particularly handy for clothing. Pack shoes into the bottom of the box so they don’t wrinkle or soil your clothes.

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