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4 Top Uxbridge Breakfast Restaurants

Whether you like to stay out of the kitchen on weekends, or you want to perk up an average Tuesday morning, there’s an enviable variety of Uxbridge breakfast restaurants to start your day off right.

One of the attractions of Markham real estate is all the quaint small towns and villages that are just a short drive away. But none of them offer a better setting for breakfast than Uxbridge.

Try These Uxbridge Breakfast Restaurants

Mainly located downtown along Brock St. between the railroad tracks on the west and Main St. on the east, and in the ‘suburbs’ along Toronto St. near Cemetery Rd., you could just avoid making breakfast again and never get bored of the brunch and breakfast menus at these restaurants.

  • Urban Pantry – Located right in the heart of town, the Urban Pantry’s unique modern/traditional country fusion décor is your first hint that you might find some eclectic menu options too. You can go for the traditional classic breakfast, or try the Greek tomato poached eggs.
  • B&L Country Kitchen – If you’re a bacon and eggs traditionalist, B&L Country Kitchen should be on your list of breakfast restaurants to visit. Count on five (count ‘em!) strips of bacon, and large portions of everything else too. And they know the importance of a good cup of coffee as part of a complete breakfast.
  • Scrambles Kitchen & Bar – It’s a little bit out of town, but well worth the effort. Overlooking the Foxbridge Golf Club, the setting is a perfect place to enjoy one of the famous Scrambles omelettes (the Fridge Cleaner is popular!). Unlike the golf course, Scrambles is open 7 days a week all year long.
  • Wimpy’s Diner – If you’re looking for a straightforward, diner-style breakfast, nobody does it better than Wimpy’s. The breakfast menu seems to go on forever, including traditional favourites like Steak & Eggs, and tasty new choices like Strawberry Banana French Toast.


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