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5 Tips For Moving With Children

They say that getting married and buying a home are the two most stressful things you’ll do in life. We’d like to suggest two more life events for the list: moving and having children. Even more, when you put those last two together, they might become #1 on the list. However, like everything else involved with changing homes, the more prepared you are for moving with children, the easier it will be.

We have that hope in mind as we present the following:

Tips for Moving with Children

1. Remember That it’s Stressful for Them Too

In addition to many of the standard stresses of moving, like decluttering and packing, children will face many of their own stresses. They may have to change schools, which is even more stressful in the middle of a school year. Also, leaving friends is never easy, along with facing thee uncertainties about the new location.

2. As Soon as You Can, Let Them Know About Moving Plans & Why You’re Moving

This gives them more time to adjust to the idea of moving. They will also find it easier to process if they know the reasons for the move – you’re not just trying to ruin their lives!

3. Get Them Involved in the Move

They can help you choose your new house. They can plan a yard sale to get rid of things before you move. They can also come up with nice, creative labels for moving boxes. The more involved your children are in the moving process, the more they will understand and appreciate the idea.

4. Visit Your New Community

This is a great tip for anyone, but it works especially well for children. Getting familiar with where they’ll be living, how they will get to school and some of the features of the new location will help ease the transition.

5.  Keep Changes to a Minimum

Many people using moving to a new home as an opportunity to get new furniture. But, considering all the other adjustments they will have to make, your children will appreciate having all their familiar furnishings, wall hangings, and even the same room layouts that they used to have.

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