Fairy lake is one thing to do when visiting newmarket

What You Can Do in Newmarket for Free

Unless you live here, you might not think there’s much to do in Newmarket. But if there’s one thing that residents of Newmarket really appreciate about the town is its perfect balance. The town is at once quaintly historic and very modern. It’s town and it’s country. It’s close to everything, yet far enough away to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle.


The other benefit of the perfect balance? There are lots of free things to do for people of all ages and preferences.

3 Things To Do in Newmarket for Free

We’ve chosen just a few to give you a cross-section of the variety of free things to do in Newmarket.


  1. Fairy Lake Park – We had to start with Fairy Lake after we spoke about the balance you can find here.  Located almost in the heart of the town, Fairy Lake Park is a welcoming oasis of nature where you can quite quickly forget that you’re in a town anywhere. In addition to being able to stroll the entire park, including the Wesley Brooks Conservation Area, you’ll find playgrounds, picnic areas and a pavilion for events.

    If you get tired of all that beautiful nature, you can have a meal at a nearby restaurant on Historic Main Street.
  2. Historic Main Street – Heritage Conservation District – It’ll help you understand Newmarket and its residents a little better to learn that, instead of becoming just another town along Yonge Street, early settlers chose to go just a little off the beaten path and create their own Main Street.

    Today, Main Street is at the centre of Newmarket’s Heritage Conservation District, which is designed to preserve the cultural heritage of the town. Just a stroll along the street is an engaging walk through history. You can visit the historic post office and Elman W. Campbell Museum to get a better idea of how life used to be in Newmarket and the surrounding York Region.
  3. Upper Canada Mall – Did we tell you about the balance you can find here? Less than a kilometre from the nature of Fairy Lake and history of Main Street you can shop ‘til you drop in over 200 stores at Upper Canada Mall. Yes, you won’t be able to shop for free, but you could join the walking club, stroller club, or some of the free events staged by the mall or its retailers.

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