wondering what to do in Richmond Hill? Here's five ideas

There’s Lots To Do in Richmond Hill

If there is one word to describe Richmond Hill, it is “diverse”. If you’re looking for Richmond Hill houses for sale, its diversity makes the town a very desirable place to live. For example, if you’re thinking of moving here, you might be wondering about what there is for residents to do, and that’s where the diversity begins!

5 Things To Do in Richmond Hill

If you thought of all the things there might be to do in any town or city in York Region, you probably wouldn’t be able to come up with the variety of attractions Richmond Hill holds for its residents.

  1. The David Dunlap Observatory – Want to really see the stars? The David Dunlap Observatory, located right in town, offers you a view of the night skies through the largest astronomical telescope in Canada
  2. The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts – See stars of a different kind on stage in live performances at the largest theatre in York Region. You can also enjoy open air art exhibits and performances in the Outdoor Piazza.
  3. Richmond Hill Heritage Centre – Located in a beautiful, fully-restored 1840s Regency-style cottage, the Heritage Centre helps to preserve and celebrate the rich cultural history of the area. In addition to ongoing exhibits, you can also enjoy traditional afternoon tea, summer camps for children or even host a birthday party at the Centre.
  4. Yonge Street – Just in case science, entertainment and history aren’t enough for you, how about the most exciting street in the world? Yonge Street goes right through the heart of town and is home to all the shopping, restaurants and entertainment spots you could ask for.
  5. Mill Pond Park – In addition to the country living you can enjoy on the outskirts of Richmond Hill, you can get back to nature right in the heart of town at Mill Pond Park. Enjoy a stroll on the boardwalk, family time at the playground and or the Millenium Garden. Seasonal activities include outdoor concerts in the summer and ice skating on the pond in winter.


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